How It Works

What is GPS tracking for Fleet Management?

It is very common for fleet managers and owners to use GPS tracking technology to reduce costs and monitor their drivers.  The use of GPS Fleet tracking and Fleet management solutions result in more efficient management of fleets.


REDTAIL Fleet tracking solution is a combination of fleet tracking software accessible via the web and a GPS tracking device embedded in the fleet vehicle. 

Why is purchasing and implementing a GPS Fleet tracking system a good choice for Fleet Managers?

realtime gps trackingStep 1:  Become Aware of GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

  • Save money on fuel costs with the ability to monitor idle time.
  • Reduce costs of insurance premiums by rewarding good driver behavior.
  • Instant access to drivers with information for rerouting.
  • Prolong the life of vehicles with automated routine maintenance alerts.

Step 2:  Research GPS Tracking Solution Providers

  • Learn more about GPS fleet tracking companies that offer the right solution for your company.
  • Call top GPS tracking fleet management providers like REDTAIL GPS for a demo and pricing.
  • Take into consideration product and service pricing, customer service support and training.

Step 3:  Engage with a REDTAIL Sales Professional

  • Speak to a friendly and knowledgeable REDTAIL sales agent about GPS Fleet tracking.
  • Make the decision to purchase the REDTAIL fleet management solution based on:
    1. 1) Knowledgeable Staff
    2. 2) Competitive Pricing
    3. 3) Quality Product Offering
    4. 4) No Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • REDTAIL ships GPS fleet tracking devices within 24 hours.
  • REDTAIL provides documentation and training support to get started.

fleet managementStep 4:  Install GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

  • A professional REDTAIL installer is scheduled to visit your vehicles to fit the GPS tracking devices.
  • An average installation takes as little as 30 minute installation per vehicle.

Step 5:  Enjoy the Return on Investment from GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Measure the reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Save up to 40% on your insurance policies.
  • Expand your fleet with all the savings.
  • Call REDTAIL for more GPS tracking devices for new fleet vehicles.