Faster than a Tornado!

When the first truck was stolen we were running the REDTAIL GPS on it so we knew exactly where it was: in the back of a trailer park. We called the police so they could be there to supervise the recovery of our stolen property. The officer was skeptical: how do you know it’s there he asked. I showed him on my smartphone: it’s right here, on such-and-such a road. Those things could be a mile off said the policeman. I said I’ve never known that to happen. So we all went back there and retrieved our truck – exactly where REDTAIL said it was.

With the second stolen truck we could track its route and all of its stops around Oklahoma City. In 20/20 hindsight we could have set a geo-fence around it and probably nabbed the thief. But it turned out to be a good move just taking our truck back when we did - because a tornado ripped through that neighborhood a couple of days later, and we would have lost it if we’d waited. The REDTAIL GPS tracking works really well for stolen vehicle recovery. We love it – I’m putting one on my restored ’79 Trans Am.

Bobby Stringer
Owner, Stringer Transports
OK City, OK

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