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Faster than a Tornado!

When the first truck was stolen we were running the REDTAIL GPS on it so we knew exactly where it was: in the back of a trailer park. We called the police so they could be there to supervise the recovery of our stolen property. The officer was skeptical: how do you know it’s there he asked. I showed him on my smartphone: it’s right here, on such-and-such a road. Those things could be a mile off said the policeman. I said I’ve never known that to happen. So we all went back there and retrieved our truck – exactly where REDTAIL said it was.

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REDTAIL Rides to the Rescue

REDTAIL customer DTM Inc. had a tractor-trailer stolen in Georgia with a shipping container with more than $50,000 worth of goods in it – but luckily their truck had a REDTAIL GPS tracker onboard. REDTAIL led the cops on a high speed chase which recovered the truck and container and landed the perp in jail where he belongs!

Read all about it here:http://www.ocalapost.com/truck-driver-leads-deputies-on-chase/ 

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See what Redtail’s customer’s have to say about the Redtail Fleet Management Solution

“We have 100 REDTAIL GPS devices and plan to buy more – our company is growing, and as we acquire other businesses we plan to outfit those trucks as well. We especially appreciate the pricing flexibility of the various REDTAIL service plans. We chose five minute screenshots, which have a lower monthly rate than other GPS companies quoted. The REDTAIL customer service and tech support have been great, and we have achieved fuel savings. We’ve had a very good experience with REDTAIL.”

– Vince Zamora – UCI Construction

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Installer Testimonial - Hands Free

Great Product, Great Personnel

Sean Smith, Handsfree. I had a great experience with the REDTAIL tracking units and the personnel representing them. The products arrived at the customer's office in a timely fashion, making it easy to complete the job without any issues. In addition, the units logged-on to the system quickly, making it easy to move on and get the vehicles back on the road for the customer. Finally, the extras that came in the packages were a great bonus (zip ties, star washer, and velcro). To sum this up, great product and great personnel. I look forward to working with this company more in the future.

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REDTAIL keeps our customers happy
Dean Bryan, Mission Towing Transportation Inc., Miramar, Florida. We're an auto transportation company and we use REDTAIL to track our equipment for routing, and keeping our customers up-to-date. Regarding routing: if a truck is running late we could reroute another truck to pick-up that vehicle, keeping our customers happy and not sitting at home all day. We also appreciate Dan in tech support for setting up each device with profiles and alerts.
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We absolutely love the REDTAIL product and it has paid for itself many times over.

Our customer called at 5pm ET on a Friday and told us he wasn’t waiting for his driver to show up and that he was going home. I was logged in and told the customer the truck was on the way. I even pinpointed it down to the exact street he was on and said he was passing a fire station (2 blocks from the customer’s location). The customer didn’t believe me. I told him to put the phone down and look outside as the driver was pulling in. Without GPS we would not have been able to exactly know where the truck was and we would have lost a pickup.

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Vehicle Recovered, Arrests Made

Our van was stolen on Saturday morning. It left the building at 6:38 am and the technician arrived at 8. We didn’t know if it was stolen or if a driver had borrowed it, but by 10 we realized it was stolen. The tech logged on and tracked it. We found it was driving around and then parked for 6 minutes. Cops were dispatched and arrested 5 people in the van. Unfortunately all our equipment and tools were already gone. We gave the cops a printout of all the stops the van made and they are going to follow up and try and retrieve them. As far as we’re concerned, the REDTAIL units just paid for themselves! We’re buying more.

John Taylor, National Link

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Employees More Productive Now Because of REDTAIL

Nashville, Georgia, USA-December 3, 2012- “Our company sells and erects pre-engineered steel buildings and we run a small fleet. I’m very happy with REDTAIL GPS. I saved enough in the first week to pay for the tracker and service after terminating three drivers who were late for work, falsifying timesheets and making unauthorized use of the vehicle. The remaining employees are more productive now just knowing that we use REDTAIL. It’s very user-friendly and easy to install. We don’t get great cell coverage where we are but it’s been Johnny on the spot. It showed me both addresses at a job site based on where the truck was parked: it’s that precise! I use it with my iPad and plan to order another unit. Highly recommended.”


Bryan WeaverAB Construction

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The whole REDTAIL team has been outstanding

Thomas Limousine currently operates 50 vehicles, and we’re looking to expand. We tried another GPS tracking system 4 years ago but had significant problems with it. Then we met with REDTAIL at the 2011 Limo show in Vegas and received our first demo unit in March of this year - then ordered 14 more. The website is very user friendly, and all our dispatchers can navigate through and find exact locations of our vehicles. This has proven to be helpful with last minute add-ons, and we don't have to call the driver to find out how far they are from drop off. The security team for one of our corporate clients was given access to the website to track their VIPs and they were totally impressed. Our mechanic has installed all the units and has had no installation problems. We are now in the process of ordering 6 more units and will now be able to track all our sedans and SUVs. Next on the agenda will be purchasing more units to track our shuttle bus fleet

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The REDTAIL Product Really Stands Out

I have been working directly with GPS telematics and tracking systems for nearly 20 years, from the initial design and functionality to the technical real-world application. Having installed hundreds of various brands and operating systems, the REDTAIL product really stands out. The ease of installation and the seamless activation are second to none. In my work the last thing you want is a product that has to be fixed or warrantied. With the REDTAIL product, having personally installed 40 or 50, I have yet to have one single failure! It is with the highest confidence that I would recommend REDTAIL to any fleet owner looking for a reliable, simple, feature-rich fleet management system.

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