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VAM was designed by experienced automotive electronics engineers with installers in mind. Our engineers worked along with installers worldwide to ensure a straightforward and easy installation to reduce time in the field.


About Self Installation
In most cases you will only need to connect the Ground (black) and 12V Constant (red) wires. The device should be able to tell that the vehicle is running by the change in voltage state and by the AC ripple present on the power line while the vehicle is running. Most vehicle installations operate with a two wire installation, only needing red and black wires. Vehicles with smart charging require a three-wire fit including the white wire.

Self Installation


About Off-Road Installation
REDTAIL GPS offers professional installation services nationwide and in some parts of Canada. Contact us at 866-711-4880 to coordinate the installation of your GPS tracking devices.

Off Road Installation Manual


About Accessory Installation

Accessory Installation