The Support Center contains help files for the application, as well as configuration pages for altering the settings of various aspects of the system. From the Support menu, you can access Help pages, Preferences, Admin and Contact Us.



The Help section contains both general and specific information about all aspects of the application, including how to access parts of the application, where to find certain data and how to use basic functions. If you are having trouble with any aspect of the system, the Help section is a good place to find a solution.


Live Chat

REDTAIL uses Live Chat as a way to communicate directly with customers from our website. Feel free to use this feature to chat instantaneously with one of our friendly customer service reps.
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Online User Guide

Click Here to view the User Guide for a step by step breakdown of the REDTAIL Fleet Management System and all its features.



The Preferences page will allow you to change settings across all aspects of the application. Most of these settings are display-related and will change the visual appearance of the application. There are two layers of settings for each section: User-specific and Default. Administrators will have access to the Default settings, which all users will pick up by default. If a user chooses to change these settings, they can do so for their own account if they have permission to do so.


Admin Section

The Admin section of the application allows Administrators to configure user accounts, groups, devices and other aspects of the application.