Features & Benefits


REDTAIL's Fleet Management System (FMS) reduces expenses, improves customer service and provides tools to efficiently manage day to day fleet operations.  REDTAIL GPS tracking can be found in all types of fleets:  Service Vehicles, Short and Long Haul Trucks, Taxi and Limo fleets, Personal Vehicles and Off Road Construction Equipment.


Fleet Management Solution


Our features are broken into 6 easy to navigate categories:   Dashboards, Driver Behavior, Mapping and Location, Vehicle Information, Reporting and Support Center.   Use the Main Menu to easily navigate through the REDTAIL Fleet Management System (FMS).  Personalize the home page to idenify the fleet mangement software as an important management tool within the company.


About Dashboards

  • "Manage By Exception" and Quickly Identify Risky Driving Behavior.
  • View All Vehicles Reporting an Alert Condition Within a Chosen Time Period.
  • See a Snapshot of Driver Behavior and Vehicle Information.

About Driver Behavior

  • Receive Speed Alerts to Keep Drivers Safe.
  • Detect Harsh Braking to Prolong the Value of Your Fleet.
  • Monitor Excessive Idle Time to Help Control Fuel Costs.

About Mapping and Location

  • Track and Locate Vehicles Real-Time Via the Internet Increasing Productivity and Operating Efficiency.
  • Receive Boundary Alerts When a Driver Exits or Enters a Preset Location.
  • Customize Your Map and Add Points of Interest, Customer Addresses or Frequently Visited Locations.
  • Quickly Locate Your Vehicles Using Dispatch Assist For More Precise Routing.

About Vehicle Information

  • Know Each Time a Vehicle’s Ignition is On or Off to Determine Mileage, After Hour Usage,  Idling and More.
  • Receive Diagnostic Alerts to Monitor the Health of Your REDTAIL System.
  • Ensure Proper Vehicle Battery Power and Receive Alerts if Voltage Drops Too Low.

About Reporting

  • View and Print Detailed Reports For Any Time Period to Manage Your Business.
  • Export Fleet Activity Data to Use For Time Cards, Location Verification and Payroll.

About Support

  • Customize and Update Account Information and Security Settings.
  • Reference Our Online User Guides to Learn More About Our Complete Feature Set.
  • Access Instant Customer Support with Live Chat.