gps fleet management

Make it easy for management and staff to access crucial and current vehicle data at little more than a glance. Quickly identify and manage risky driving behavior with a snapshot of fleet activity.

Vehicle Information

gps tracking

Time is Money! Allow the REDTAIL Fleet Management System (FMS) to track your preventative maintenance schedules. Avoid unexpected out-of-service fleet vehicles.

Driver Behavior

Fleet management services

Capture rapid acceleration, harsh braking and excessive rotation data from fleet vehicles.  Provides fleet managers with the data to improve driving behavior and reduce fuel consumption.


vehicle tracking

Essential fleet management information at your fingertips.  Whether you require high level or detailed reports to run your business, the REDTAIL GPS Fleet Management System (FMS) provides a suite of reports to meet your needs.

Mapping & Location

tracking system

Quickly locate fleet vehicles with REDTAIL GPS tracking technology.  Track and access fleet vehicles real-time via computer, smart phone or tablet. 

Support Center

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We are here to help! REDTAIL offers numerous support materials to maximize the power of your fleet management software. Reference our online materials, access our online chat...or just give us a call. We are always happy to hear from our customers.

Redtail offers the best way to track your Fleet!

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RUGGED: Dual Mode Asset Tracking

The name says it all: Stay in touch with your valuable assets 24/7 in rugged, off-road terrain – with or without power!

Trailers, Construction Equipment, Containers, Remote Locations with cell coverage: REDTAIL Rugged has you covered!

Now you can see all your assets on the map day or night, with customizable icons for trucks and machines, to show you exactly what’s where.

REDTAIL Rugged has a Plan for every need and budget, with location updates ranging from once-per-day for assets without power, and from twice per hour to twice per minute at 12/24V, with access to either the entry-level site or the award-winning full-service REDTAIL back end – powered by the Premium, dual-mode VAM-P hardware.

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Watch this Video Highlighting Key GPS Fleet Management Features

In this short 5 minute video learn about the importance of monitoring and improving driver behavior. The video includes: speeding, idling, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and excessive rotation.

See a real world example of a fleet manager dealing with drivers that regularly speed and idle.